The newest popular cooking trend is one-pot cooking. It makes cooking quicker and easier with straight forward but delicious recipes, many of the nicest pasta recipes on the internet are made in one-pot. It also makes everyone’s worst part of cooking- the cleaning, easier and less time consuming as there’s only 1 dish for you to wash up. So, with this in mind is it worth investing in a cast-iron skillet?


The Benefits

A cast-iron skillet actually has many benefits when it comes to cooking. One of its features is that it’s naturally nonstick so anyone who dislikes cooking their food with oil won’t have to with a cast-iron skillet. Cast iron skillets can be used both on a stovetop and in the oven, this is a unique feature only they possess making them a valuable kitchen utensil, just make sure you don’t use you cast iron skillet on a glass top stove as they can scratch up and ruin it. Some people say cast iron is harder to clean than stainless steel but this isn’t the case, just remember not to soak it in water as this will cause it to rust. The best thing about cast iron is it heats your food evenly, if you’re fed up with some of your food being burnt while some aren’t fully cooked then a cast iron skillet is a good investment for you.


What Cast Iron Skillet to Buy?

The average price of a good cast iron skillet is around $40. They can be bought in most shops that sell kitchen utensils including Walmart. Our favorite cast iron skillet brand is ‘Lodge’ produced in Tennessee and available to buy on Amazon.