When you have aced normal lager preparing you might need to fan out and investigate other brew tastes. You can without much of a stretch use concentrates to add uncommon flavors to your next group of brew. These forte brews can be fun and intriguing to make and taste. While trying different things with lager plans be certain that you generally record your careful estimations for every specific group. That way you can make certain to copy it precisely on the off chance that things being what they are, well.

Man drinking beer
Overflowing pint of beer


At the point when you inquire about a branch of knowledge you begin to see things from an alternate perspective so when as a major aspect of our promoting we started to see how well our brew Koozies piled facing the opposition, we were astonished with the information, however how well they converted into genuine circumstances. Possibly you’ll not be astonished to discover that the rising temperature changes the manner in which you are detecting various flavors in the fermented alcohol, yet what is truly fascinating is the speed that these progressions happen.

Brewed globally, loved locally

beast brewing company is a standout amongst other known (and generally adored) brands of brew on the planet. They’ve since quite a while ago held a genuine hang on numerous business sectors and have as of late entered a few new markets. One of those that appeared the most encouraging was UK, where lager utilization is developing and there are not many set up brands inside beast brewing company specialty showcase.

Beer glasses with dark beer are on the bar counter

The Best Experience Ever

Battle of the Beers: Which Drink Does Australia Love Most?

We have all seen them. Those annoying adverts that constantly inform us that Fosters is Australia’s favorite beer. Due to how long these adverts have graced our television screens, we have all been conditioned to think that Australians drink Fosters with every meal, but this really isn’t the case. In fact, most Australians hate that they have gained this reputation and despise Fosters as a drink. Due to this fact, we have decided to set the record straight and let the world know which beers Australia actually drinks. Here is a list of all of the beers that Australia loves.



Balter is one of the most popular beers in Australia. It is not made for casual drinking as it has a higher percentage than most of the beers available on the market, coming in at over 8% this beer packs a serious punch. It is loved all over Australia due to its citrus flavors and fast working effects.  It is rare that you will find a drink that is delicious and extremely alcoholic so there is no wonder why this drink has become so popular.


Hahn Super Dry

This beer has become so popular in Australia due to its delicious taste and low carb content. Australia is a hot country which means Australians need to make sure they constantly have their summer bodies, which means a beer that won’t make them gain weight is extremely popular. If you hire a catering service for any party or event then it is more than likely that the drink that they will provide will be Hahn as it is well known and loved by almost everyone in Australia. If you are yet to try Hahn then it is advised that you do.


Victoria Beer

If you are an Australian then you will instantly recognize the famous green can that Victoria Beer comes in. It is one of the most popular beers in all of Australia. This is partly due to how inexpensive it is, but also because it has been a staple drink in Australia for decades.  It’s not known for its taste,  but for a lot of people, the taste doesn’t really matter too much if it is getting you drunk. Victoria Beer is also used for much more than just a casual drink, in fact, Australia has used its beloved beer to make another signature drink. This drink is a Vicky bomb and can be found at any house party as a popular shot drink.



Tooheys has been a popular drink in Australia for over one hundred years and can be found at any bar or convenience store. Tooheys is one of those drinks where it is considered a cardinal sin to drink it warm, so be sure that you let you can chill before you sit back for a sip. This beer is incredibly light and is perfect for the Australian lifestyle. If you are someone who isn’t a big fan of drinking but enjoys the social element of a daytime drink with friends, Tooheys is a great option due to its fruity taste and lightness.


Little Creatures

Little creatures may have a western aesthetic, but the brand has only been around since the year 2000. For the two decades that it has graced Australia with its delicious taste, it has been loved and bought quite often in bulk. This beer appeals to the older generation and has a much loved classic beer flavor.  This beer had humble beginnings, starting in a small operation on the coast, but now it is beloved by all of Australia.


Pirate Life Pale Ale

Last but not least,  one of Australia’s most loved beers is Pirate Life Pale Ale. Many think that Pirate Life Pale Ale helped to define the well-known taste of beer that is loved all over Australia and many use it as a comparison to new beers to determine whether or not it tastes good.


So there you have it. You can now crush any misconceptions that you previously had regarding Australia’s taste in beer and maybe even see what all of the fuss is about and try one for yourself.

Gaming Fuel: The Best Energy Drink Alternatives

Before gaming was as widely recognized as it is today, there were very few auxiliary products targeted towards gamers. Particularly in the food and drink category. Gamers were stuck with traditional energy drinks and carbonated beverages such as Red Bull, Monster, or Mtn Dew. And these companies happily catered to the gaming crowd, releasing high-sugar flavors and attaching gaming codes to incentivize purchases.

But these drinks are terribly unhealthy. So much so that a lot of gamers have been left with permanent issues because of the sheer volume of sugary drinks they have consumed. But as gaming has become more popular, we have also seen a rise in energy drink alternatives targeted specifically at gamers.

As with any new product, soon the market became flooded with different brands. All attempting to steal this new growing market away from the competition. So we have looked at them all and put together a list of the Best Energy Drink Alternatives.



You will definitely be aware of this product. Sneak has created one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns we have ever seen. Their brand is plastered all over Twitch and YouTube, with endorsement deals secured by companies such as Amazon and 1gserverhost.

And for good reason too. Sneak offers a fantastic caffeine-based energy drink alternative in the form of a ‘Just-Add-Water’ powder. The product can be bought as a one-off or on a recurring subscription model that sees it delivered to you automatically. Not to mention it also offers free samples for first-time buyers.



Rogue has won a number of awards for being the best energy drink alternative out there, and for good reason. Their product provides a good caffeine boost but mainly focuses on hydration as opposed to creating artificial energy within the drinker.

For that reason, it is easily one of the best energy drink alternatives. It provides the body with a lot of natural energy in the form of hydration, while still providing that caffeine fizz that gamers crave so often. Like Sneak, Rogue can be ordered as a one-off or as a recurring subscription.


Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer puts their priorities less on caffeine and more on getting a varied mixture of vitamins into the drinker. They market themselves as a drink that will help instill a greater sense of focus in the drinker, going so far as to encourage people to drink it at work as well.

The smaller caffeine content means you won’t be as hyped up as other energy drink alternatives, but you will feel a lot more alert than with some other brands. But for those who need just a mild pick-me-up, Ghost Gamer is definitely the way to go.

Like the others, there are a number of ways to order this product. Our recommendation is to order this one with another brand as well, to make sure you get a nice mix of energy for whatever situation you need it.



What Do These Celebrity Chefs Think About BBQ’d Food?

BBQ’d food is an extremely popular type of food, which is unsurprising as it tastes so great. Cooking food over an open, natural flame when barbequing infuse what you’re cooking with smoke and gives it a great kick. It is extremely popular for social occasions when the sun is out people love to meet up with friends or family and find a nice spot to share a BBQ. It is so popular that over 79 million Americans have a BBQ every year. BBQ food is perfect for all occasions not just for those summer days, it can be a relatively inexpensive way to feed a group, it’s easy to eat, and if you get some paper plates to go with it minimal washing up after is required.

If you have kids it’s a great way to get them involved with cooking as it’s a fairly safe method of cooking, it’ll be fun for the kids and provide them with some new practical skills. BBQs are seen as being unhealthy, but they can actually be very healthy and can even be vegetarian, if you’re vegetarian so you’ve been missing out on BBQ food we suggest trying BBQ’d halloumi. This is what we think about BBQ food but we thought we’d find out what celebrity chefs have to say about it, here are some of their best tips to achieve the best BBQ food.


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular chefs in the world, over his career he has been awarded 16 Michelin Stars, holds the record for longest 3 Michelin Star restaurant, and also has several TV shows including the popular series Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay gave us a great tip on how to make the best food possible on your BBQ. He called out a mistake many people make when they’re having a BBQ, many people remove the meat from the fridge and put it straight onto the BBQ, Ramsay advised against this as it causes the meat to be dry on the outside while still raw in the middle.

When making burgers on a grill he recommended moving the burger as little as possible because the more it moves the more likely it is to break, to do this make sure to get a bbq toolset so you can move the burgers quickly and precisely. His other tips include putting the cover on your BBQ as soon as your burgers are in to trap the heat, get a good sear, and prevent your burgers from sticking. His last trip was about the buns as their importance is often overlooked, he stressed the importance of toasting your buns as nothing ruins a brilliantly cooked burger like a soggy bun.


Jonathon Fox

Jonathon Fox is the owner and head chef at the famous restaurant Fox Bros. BBQ in Atlanta, Georgia. He has risen to fame thanks to how delicious his BBQ food is, people, travel from surrounding states just to try a meal at this restaurant. He provided us with guidance on how to cook amazing BBQ food every time. His best tips include some basic ones such as making sure you always keep your grill clean, but an interesting tip he provided was the best way to clean your grill is actually with onion as it easily removes any build-up. He recommended not using lighter fluid as it gives your food a chemical taste, to season the grill as well as seasoning the meat to give it even more flavor, to cook chicken without the skin as it allows it to marinade better, and to use a potato at the start to test if the grill is the right temperature.

7 Handy Tricks to Better Organize Your Kitchen

Spice Sorting

The first step to organizing any kitchen is to start with your spice rack. The main reason is that it’s a simple job that will get you in an organizing mindset. You can do this by color, alphabetically, country of origin. Whatever works best for you. I guarantee once it’s done, you will be more motivated to organize the rest of your kitchen.

Organizing your spice rack will also make all your cooking much easier. Gone will be the days of checking every single bottle until you find the spice you need.


Label Your Space

This is a great trick that will ensure your kitchen stays organized for longer. By labeling the various cupboards and draws in your kitchen you will be able to quickly put things away in their correct place and will be more motivated to keep things where they are meant to be. I know I am guilty of putting stuff into a random cupboard to save time, only to be unable to find it when I need it next.


Vacuum Seal

A vacuum sealer might seem like a decedent gadget to make use of. And you might think they are just for clothes. But you can get food vacuum sealers. These can help you store leftovers for longer and also allows you to store your produce, veg, and other food products with a lot more ease. Saving space in your fridge is key to keeping your kitchen organized.

Vacuum sealed food is also proven to start fresh for longer. It reduces the oxidization of the food and can prevent it long beyond its best before date without incurring any health issues.


Modern Storage

It is incredible how much space is wasted in a kitchen by useless countertops and inefficient cupboards. But you have most likely seen the many modern solutions that get around these issues. The biggest one is the idea of installing storage under your flooring or within the walls. It may cost a bit, but the extra space will allow you to better organize your space and get more creative in the kitchen.



Roombas, or any other brand of automatic vacuum, are fantastic devices that make cleaning a doddle. These little robots move about the room automatically hoovering up any crumbs, dust, or debris that has fallen. There are lots of kitchen specific models available that are better equipped to deal with food-based messes and getting tough grease strains out of kitchen tiles.


Pre-Ordered Shop

One of the easier ways to ensure you can keep your kitchen organized is by ordering the same food regularly. When you go food shopping chances are you change up your order. If you set up a standing food order to have the same food delivered each week, you can allocate specific spaces for them and this will generally help you keep a more organized kitchen and keep on top of everything.


Cooking Schedule

Tying all of this together in the idea of keeping a cooking schedule. This basically means you will want to set up a monthly or weekly meal plan and stick to it. The advantage of this is that you will know exactly what you need each day and will be better prepared. You can order in only the needed foods and will cut down on washing.

All of these tips can be used together to better improve the organization in your kitchen. Or you can just pick a few to get started with.


Should I Invest in a Cast Iron Skillet For my Kitchen?

The newest popular cooking trend is one-pot cooking. It makes cooking quicker and easier with straight forward but delicious recipes, many of the nicest pasta recipes on the internet are made in one-pot. It also makes everyone’s worst part of cooking- the cleaning, easier and less time consuming as there’s only 1 dish for you to wash up. So, with this in mind is it worth investing in a cast-iron skillet?


The Benefits

A cast-iron skillet actually has many benefits when it comes to cooking. One of its features is that it’s naturally nonstick so anyone who dislikes cooking their food with oil won’t have to with a cast-iron skillet. Cast iron skillets can be used both on a stovetop and in the oven, this is a unique feature only they possess making them a valuable kitchen utensil, just make sure you don’t use you cast iron skillet on a glass top stove as they can scratch up and ruin it. Some people say cast iron is harder to clean than stainless steel but this isn’t the case, just remember not to soak it in water as this will cause it to rust. The best thing about cast iron is it heats your food evenly, if you’re fed up with some of your food being burnt while some aren’t fully cooked then a cast iron skillet is a good investment for you.


What Cast Iron Skillet to Buy?

The average price of a good cast iron skillet is around $40. They can be bought in most shops that sell kitchen utensils including Walmart. Our favorite cast iron skillet brand is ‘Lodge’ produced in Tennessee and available to buy on Amazon.

5 Of the Best Food Wholesalers to Order From

Grocery shopping has become such a routine part of our assistance. It seems every other day we are trekking all the way to the store and lugging massive bags of food back. The task itself isn’t difficult, but it is time-consuming. Imagine if you had that hour or two back, and could also save money and help the environment at the same time. Well, you can if you order direct from food wholesalers. The benefits of ordering direct are numerous, so we won’t go into them here. But we have selected 5 of the Best Food Wholesalers to help you decide who to order from.


My American Market

My American Market is a fantastic site to use for all your fresh produce needs. Rather than working on a local basis, it works across the whole country to make sure you can find what you need. Like most wholesalers, it simply acts as a middle man for a lot of smaller businesses and farms, but the advantage of My American Market is the freedom to mix and match your cart with different business items. Not to mention you are putting money into the local economy, which is always a good idea.


Dizon Farms

One of the best wholesalers out there, Dizon farms are known for their massive selection of produce. The variety of vegetables at Dizon Farms means you will find everything you need and maybe even spot something new to spice up your recipe. They offer a simple checkout process and quick, speedy delivery that takes your schedule into account where possible. So you can sit back and let your food come to you. Not to mention the prices are very solid, so you won’t have to break the bank.


U.S Foods

U.S Foods is more geared towards restaurant food supply. So if you are a personal customer, this one won’t be for you. But if you are in need of bulk quantities of food, this is a great site for it. They connect you with fantastic distribution centers, all at affordable prices. They function for most of the major cities such as New York or California. Some of the smaller areas might not be covered, but there are plenty of alternatives. They are also able to refine your selection by the dest deals available.


US International Food LLC

If you want a lot of food only available abroad, US Internation Food LLC is the choice for you. Supporting both restaurants and home buyers, this wholesaler has products from the furthest corners of the globe. If you are looking for a more specialized ingredient or simply want to create a taste of your home country, this site will help you with everything you need. And, as a bonus, all the distributors you buy from are often local farms and small companies, so you will be aiding the economy massively.


Banner Wholesale Grocers

This is a fantastic Wholesaler, especially for those living in Hispanic community areas or those looking for that authentic Hispanic flavor. They still offer all the traditional American groceries as well, so don’t worry. They aren’t designed to be used by restaurants, so if you need a restaurant supplier, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But overall they have a varied, fantastic selection available and all at affordable prices. Grocery shopping has never been easier than it is with Banner Wholesaler.


We hope this list has helped you find the products you need. Remember, buying wholesale is a fantastic way to cut down on your chores and help the environment.

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