At Beast Brewing, we pride ourselves on running an environmentally conscious facility.  Much of our equipment was converted and re-purposed giving it new life.  For example, two of our fermentation tanks were formally dairy tanks.  We use old fermentation tanks to harvest rainwater & capture waste water, which we run through our heat exchanger when we are brewing to help cool our beer. This allows us to save 3,000 gallons of water per month.  We are looking to expand our efforts by incorporating another tank we own which would allow us to save 6,000 gallons per month and to cool the beer entirely without the use of city water.  Beast Brewing also donates our spent grain to local farmers.

How We Brew

For those of you who are interested, here’s a lot more information about our operations.

Brewing Equipment:

  • Fermenters – 1×30 bbl conical, 2 x30 bbl horizontal stainless converted milk tanks
  • Mashtun – converted saki tank with perforated screens and mash mixer
  • Kettle – direct fire 1.5 MM btu, 1880 gallons
  • 1880 gallon hot liquor tank with recirculating Rinnai heater
  • La Franchi heat exchanger
  • RO water treatment system
  • Filter – Velo vertical plate DE
  • 10 head keg filler/washer
  • 4×7 bbl grundys in walk-in

Typical batch size – 30 bbls using top quality European (Weyermann, Castle, Simpson, Crisp)  and American (Rahr) malted barleys. Leaf hops sourced from Oregon. Process – primary fermenter 10 days with self-carbonization, transfer to secondary fermenter and dry hop with leaf for 10 days.