Before gaming was as widely recognized as it is today, there were very few auxiliary products targeted towards gamers. Particularly in the food and drink category. Gamers were stuck with traditional energy drinks and carbonated beverages such as Red Bull, Monster, or Mtn Dew. And these companies happily catered to the gaming crowd, releasing high-sugar flavors and attaching gaming codes to incentivize purchases.

But these drinks are terribly unhealthy. So much so that a lot of gamers have been left with permanent issues because of the sheer volume of sugary drinks they have consumed. But as gaming has become more popular, we have also seen a rise in energy drink alternatives targeted specifically at gamers.

As with any new product, soon the market became flooded with different brands. All attempting to steal this new growing market away from the competition. So we have looked at them all and put together a list of the Best Energy Drink Alternatives.



You will definitely be aware of this product. Sneak has created one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns we have ever seen. Their brand is plastered all over Twitch and YouTube, with endorsement deals secured by companies such as Amazon.

And for good reason too. Sneak offers a fantastic caffeine-based energy drink alternative in the form of a ‘Just-Add-Water’ powder. The product can be bought as a one-off or on a recurring subscription model that sees it delivered to you automatically. Not to mention it also offers free samples for first-time buyers.



Rogue has won a number of awards for being the best energy drink alternative out there, and for good reason. Their product provides a good caffeine boost but mainly focuses on hydration as opposed to creating artificial energy within the drinker.

For that reason, it is easily one of the best energy drink alternatives. It provides the body with a lot of natural energy in the form of hydration, while still providing that caffeine fizz that gamers crave so often. Like Sneak, Rogue can be ordered as a one-off or as a recurring subscription.


Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer puts their priorities less on caffeine and more on getting a varied mixture of vitamins into the drinker. They market themselves as a drink that will help instill a greater sense of focus in the drinker, going so far as to encourage people to drink it at work as well.

The smaller caffeine content means you won’t be as hyped up as other energy drink alternatives, but you will feel a lot more alert than with some other brands. But for those who need just a mild pick-me-up, Ghost Gamer is definitely the way to go.

Like the others, there are a number of ways to order this product. Our recommendation is to order this one with another brand as well, to make sure you get a nice mix of energy for whatever situation you need it.