The Top 10 Reasons most New Restaurants Fail in their First Year

Starting up a business is a really difficult task, there is a lot to consider when starting your business like looking at competitors in the area you’re starting up in and looking at the demand to see if it is likely that you’ll succeed. Some businesses are known to be successful like if you start up a roofing company in ct as there is so much demand for roofers, but some businesses often fail, like restaurants for many reasons. The most common reason is that the market is already saturated and if there is no unique selling point about your restaurant then it can be difficult to attract customers who are likely already loyal to a restaurant in the area.  


No Vision

It is so important for a business’s success that they have a strong vision for the future of the business so it makes it possible for the business to make a strategy. Restaurants that don’t think about their future often fail within the first year as they’re making decisions based on the short term, not the long term. 


Lack of Experience

When opening a restaurant, it is important to employ staff who have experience in the industry as even if you’re great at cooking, if you don’t know how to navigate the industry and find the correct pricing then it is likely that your restaurant will fail. 


Not Enough Start-Up Money

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when opening a new restaurant. They underestimate how much the operations of a restaurant will cost or they spend too much on furnishings for the restaurant. This often leads to cash flow problems and can cause a restaurant to close during its first year. 




Bad Location

Choosing a location for your restaurant is so important when predicting how successful your restaurant will be. You don’t want your restaurant to be in a dangerous area as it will deter people from visiting but you also don’t want to open your restaurant where rent prices are more than you can afford. 



Keeping on top of your finances is vital for your restaurant’s success, if you let your finances get out of hand then it can be hard to recover. You need to be able to properly understand your financial statements and what the significant numbers on them mean for your business.  


Menu Pricing

In your restaurant every item you sell needs to make a small profit, if you price your ingredients too low then this will mean that you’re likely not making a profit and your restaurant will not survive the year. 




Target Audience

Many restaurants fail in their first year as they do not appeal to a specific audience, you should try and attract the new wave of consumers as they often aren’t already loyal to another restaurant. 


Too Trendy

Whilst a trend is popular if you base your restaurant off it, you will have short-term success provided there isn’t a lot of competitors in your order, but all trends come to an end. Once the trend is over then the success of your restaurant will decline rapidly so avoid trends. 


Staff Issues

Restaurants have one of the highest turnover rates of staff in any industry, this causes problems as it makes hiring staff difficult and without staff, the restaurant cannot operate. 



If your food is sometimes outstanding and sometimes not very nice, people won’t return as it will be a risk. This also applies to service which is important for a restaurant’s survival. Without consistency in these 2 areas then it’s likely your restaurant will fail.  

What Do These Celebrity Chefs Think About BBQ’d Food?

BBQ’d food is an extremely popular type of food, which is unsurprising as it tastes so great. Cooking food over an open, natural flame when barbequing infuse what you’re cooking with smoke and gives it a great kick. It is extremely popular for social occasions when the sun is out people love to meet up with friends or family and find a nice spot to share a BBQ. It is so popular that over 79 million Americans have a BBQ every year. BBQ food is perfect for all occasions not just for those summer days, it can be a relatively inexpensive way to feed a group, it’s easy to eat, and if you get some paper plates to go with it minimal washing up after is required.

If you have kids it’s a great way to get them involved with cooking as it’s a fairly safe method of cooking, it’ll be fun for the kids and provide them with some new practical skills. BBQs are seen as being unhealthy, but they can actually be very healthy and can even be vegetarian, if you’re vegetarian so you’ve been missing out on BBQ food we suggest trying BBQ’d halloumi. This is what we think about BBQ food but we thought we’d find out what celebrity chefs have to say about it, here are some of their best tips to achieve the best BBQ food.


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular chefs in the world, over his career he has been awarded 16 Michelin Stars, holds the record for longest 3 Michelin Star restaurant, and also has several TV shows including the popular series Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay gave us a great tip on how to make the best food possible on your BBQ. He called out a mistake many people make when they’re having a BBQ, many people remove the meat from the fridge and put it straight onto the BBQ, Ramsay advised against this as it causes the meat to be dry on the outside while still raw in the middle.

When making burgers on a grill he recommended moving the burger as little as possible because the more it moves the more likely it is to break, to do this make sure to get a bbq toolset so you can move the burgers quickly and precisely. His other tips include putting the cover on your BBQ as soon as your burgers are in to trap the heat, get a good sear, and prevent your burgers from sticking. His last trip was about the buns as their importance is often overlooked, he stressed the importance of toasting your buns as nothing ruins a brilliantly cooked burger like a soggy bun.


Jonathon Fox

Jonathon Fox is the owner and head chef at the famous restaurant Fox Bros. BBQ in Atlanta, Georgia. He has risen to fame thanks to how delicious his BBQ food is, people, travel from surrounding states just to try a meal at this restaurant. He provided us with guidance on how to cook amazing BBQ food every time. His best tips include some basic ones such as making sure you always keep your grill clean, but an interesting tip he provided was the best way to clean your grill is actually with onion as it easily removes any build-up. He recommended not using lighter fluid as it gives your food a chemical taste, to season the grill as well as seasoning the meat to give it even more flavor, to cook chicken without the skin as it allows it to marinade better, and to use a potato at the start to test if the grill is the right temperature.

7 Handy Tricks to Better Organize Your Kitchen

Spice Sorting

The first step to organizing any kitchen is to start with your spice rack. The main reason is that it’s a simple job that will get you in an organizing mindset. You can do this by color, alphabetically, country of origin. Whatever works best for you. I guarantee once it’s done, you will be more motivated to organize the rest of your kitchen.

Organizing your spice rack will also make all your cooking much easier. Gone will be the days of checking every single bottle until you find the spice you need.


Label Your Space

This is a great trick that will ensure your kitchen stays organized for longer. By labeling the various cupboards and draws in your kitchen you will be able to quickly put things away in their correct place and will be more motivated to keep things where they are meant to be. I know I am guilty of putting stuff into a random cupboard to save time, only to be unable to find it when I need it next.


Vacuum Seal

A vacuum sealer might seem like a decedent gadget to make use of. And you might think they are just for clothes. But you can get food vacuum sealers. These can help you store leftovers for longer and also allows you to store your produce, veg, and other food products with a lot more ease. Saving space in your fridge is key to keeping your kitchen organized.

Vacuum sealed food is also proven to start fresh for longer. It reduces the oxidization of the food and can prevent it long beyond its best before date without incurring any health issues.


Modern Storage

It is incredible how much space is wasted in a kitchen by useless countertops and inefficient cupboards. But you have most likely seen the many modern solutions that get around these issues. The biggest one is the idea of installing storage under your flooring or within the walls. It may cost a bit, but the extra space will allow you to better organize your space and get more creative in the kitchen.



Roombas, or any other brand of automatic vacuum, are fantastic devices that make cleaning a doddle. These little robots move about the room automatically hoovering up any crumbs, dust, or debris that has fallen. There are lots of kitchen specific models available that are better equipped to deal with food-based messes and getting tough grease strains out of kitchen tiles.


Pre-Ordered Shop

One of the easier ways to ensure you can keep your kitchen organized is by ordering the same food regularly. When you go food shopping chances are you change up your order. If you set up a standing food order to have the same food delivered each week, you can allocate specific spaces for them and this will generally help you keep a more organized kitchen and keep on top of everything.


Cooking Schedule

Tying all of this together in the idea of keeping a cooking schedule. This basically means you will want to set up a monthly or weekly meal plan and stick to it. The advantage of this is that you will know exactly what you need each day and will be better prepared. You can order in only the needed foods and will cut down on washing.

All of these tips can be used together to better improve the organization in your kitchen. Or you can just pick a few to get started with.


Superfoods: What They are and Why You Should Eat Them

Superfoods are integral to any good weight loss plan. Alongside some rudimentary exercise, superfoods help immensely in the weight loss process. This is because of the chemical hormone called leptin. But what is leptin?


The Leptin Hormone

Before talking about superfoods themselves we have to talk about leptin and leptin resistance information. Leptin is known as the satiation hormone within the body. Basically, its the hormone that tells the body that you are full and don’t need to eat anymore. Leptin resistance can be a cause of obesity as your body gets accustomed to the amount of food you eat and sends the signal to the brain that you are full at later and later time meaning that you eat more. Eating the right superfoods alongside sleeping well and exercising can reverse this leptin resistance making it easier to diet and lose weight.


What superfoods should you eat?

Berries are a good start for superfoods as a daily snack. Not only would it just be healthier to snack on fruit during the day than fatty processed food but berries especially contain all the right nutrients. Some studies suggest that berries might reduce some heart issues in young women because of the chemicals they contain.

Speaking of reducing heart disease, salmon and other fatty fish are incredibly high in a chemical called omega three which in many studies has shown to reduce the chance of strokes and heart failures.

Sweet potatoes make a good alternative to your average potatoes as they are naturally sweet. They don’t need layers of fat or butter added to them. They also contain lots of fiber and vitamins, specifically vitamin A.

Dark and leafy greens such as kale and spinach are great because they include many different important minerals and vitamins. They are also an incredibly versatile vegetable that works in many different meals.

Green tea is a brilliant alternative to your average sweet tea. It is filled with antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory bonuses. Some studies show that brewed green tea is also responsible for a small decrease in the likelihood of getting cancer.

While eggs have a relatively high cholesterol content, especially compared to some of the other food on this list, they are still incredibly healthy food to eat. Eggs contain a huge amount of nutrients and vitamins and are also a great source for high-quality protein.

Garlic is a great source of manganese and vitamins. In some cultures, garlic is even used with other ingredients in medicines. Garlic also is relatively effective in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only that but the nutrients within garlic play a role in preventing some types of cancer.

Ginger, in whatever form eaten, contains an antioxidant called gingerol which has plenty of health benefits. It’s useful in treating nausea and preventing some more chronic illnesses such as heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Overall, superfoods can help to control weight loss, and prevent a number of different illnesses whilst also giving you the nutrients and vitamins needed for your daily lives.

Why Craft Beer Has Become the Hot New Trend

Dabbling in the tasting and creation of unique beers has been growing in popularity as a hobby a great deal recently, home brewing kits are flying off the shelves and people are developing new craft beers to enjoy in these summer months. There’s something about being able to experiment with flavors and new and different additions like herbs, fruits, grains to create deliciously flavored beers. There is a social aspect to this hobby and many people enjoy hosting events with like-minded brewers to compare techniques and taste each other’s batches.


With the huge increase in popularity there has been a growth in the online craft beer presence, forums are booming with groups sharing what new flavor they are working on. The online platform has definitely contributed to the industry as it has allowed beer fanatics all over the world to connect with each other and share a passion for the creation of new craft beers, as previously mentioned the social aspect of this hobby is a strong reason as to why it has become so popular, particularly for those who are later in life and in need of something to occupy their time, we have found that craft beer enthusiasts got into the trade as they wanted to be productive in the creation of delicious beers.



A great day out for a craft beer enthusiast would be to visit one of the amazing craft beer events that occur throughout the year. Retailers gather from around the globe to present customers with their unique and individual craft beers to taste. It is a very informative day where you can sample great beers, learn about the different methods of brewing and discover new brands, you may even have the chance to buy a few bottles to enjoy at home.

Gift Experiences

Buying gifts for men can be a struggle and the fear of buying an unappreciated gift can make the process a lot more stressful than it needs to be. Look no further and why not buy that special someone a craft beer experience day, at an affordable price and convenient online booking you will be able to find a date and location that suits you. Craft beer experiences are a great source of information for those interested in getting started at home brewing and choosing flavor pairings that will create a tasty beverage.


Home Brewing

A big part of the craft beer appeal comes from the fact that you can bring the pub to you and sample delicious pints made in the comfort of your own home. Many enthusiasts have experimented with constructing their home brewing setups, using unconventional materials and making it work seems to be a common mantra which has led to some very interesting methods to be found in order to produce amazing craft beers, there is also a chance to earn your money back as you will be spending less money in the pub and more time enjoying your own handy work.


Starter Kits

If you are someone who loves to taste new and interesting beers and has an interest in recreating the experience yourself, then I really would suggest investing in your own craft beer starter kit, you will find there are many retailers out there who can help you get started and give you some pointers about production. This hobby is win-win, not only are you having fun and being productive but at the end of it you may discover a gem and have a delicious craft beer made tastier by the fact it was homemade.