Spice Sorting

The first step to organizing any kitchen is to start with your spice rack. The main reason is that it’s a simple job that will get you in an organizing mindset. You can do this by color, alphabetically, country of origin. Whatever works best for you. I guarantee once it’s done, you will be more motivated to organize the rest of your kitchen.

Organizing your spice rack will also make all your cooking much easier. Gone will be the days of checking every single bottle until you find the spice you need.


Label Your Space

This is a great trick that will ensure your kitchen stays organized for longer. By labeling the various cupboards and draws in your kitchen you will be able to quickly put things away in their correct place and will be more motivated to keep things where they are meant to be. I know I am guilty of putting stuff into a random cupboard to save time, only to be unable to find it when I need it next.


Vacuum Seal

A vacuum sealer might seem like a decedent gadget to make use of. And you might think they are just for clothes. But you can get food vacuum sealers. These can help you store leftovers for longer and also allows you to store your produce, veg, and other food products with a lot more ease. Saving space in your fridge is key to keeping your kitchen organized.

Vacuum sealed food is also proven to start fresh for longer. It reduces the oxidization of the food and can prevent it long beyond its best before date without incurring any health issues.


Modern Storage

It is incredible how much space is wasted in a kitchen by useless countertops and inefficient cupboards. But you have most likely seen the many modern solutions that get around these issues. The biggest one is the idea of installing storage under your flooring or within the walls. It may cost a bit, but the extra space will allow you to better organize your space and get more creative in the kitchen.



Roombas, or any other brand of automatic vacuum, are fantastic devices that make cleaning a doddle. These little robots move about the room automatically hoovering up any crumbs, dust, or debris that has fallen. There are lots of kitchen specific models available that are better equipped to deal with food-based messes and getting tough grease strains out of kitchen tiles.


Pre-Ordered Shop

One of the easier ways to ensure you can keep your kitchen organized is by ordering the same food regularly. When you go food shopping chances are you change up your order. If you set up a standing food order to have the same food delivered each week, you can allocate specific spaces for them and this will generally help you keep a more organized kitchen and keep on top of everything.


Cooking Schedule

Tying all of this together in the idea of keeping a cooking schedule. This basically means you will want to set up a monthly or weekly meal plan and stick to it. The advantage of this is that you will know exactly what you need each day and will be better prepared. You can order in only the needed foods and will cut down on washing.

All of these tips can be used together to better improve the organization in your kitchen. Or you can just pick a few to get started with.