Gaming Fuel: The Best Energy Drink Alternatives

Before gaming was as widely recognized as it is today, there were very few auxiliary products targeted towards gamers. Particularly in the food and drink category. Gamers were stuck with traditional energy drinks and carbonated beverages such as Red Bull, Monster, or Mtn Dew. And these companies happily catered to the gaming crowd, releasing high-sugar flavors and attaching gaming codes to incentivize purchases.

But these drinks are terribly unhealthy. So much so that a lot of gamers have been left with permanent issues because of the sheer volume of sugary drinks they have consumed. But as gaming has become more popular, we have also seen a rise in energy drink alternatives targeted specifically at gamers.

As with any new product, soon the market became flooded with different brands. All attempting to steal this new growing market away from the competition. So we have looked at them all and put together a list of the Best Energy Drink Alternatives.



You will definitely be aware of this product. Sneak has created one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns we have ever seen. Their brand is plastered all over Twitch and YouTube, with endorsement deals secured by companies such as Amazon.

And for good reason too. Sneak offers a fantastic caffeine-based energy drink alternative in the form of a ‘Just-Add-Water’ powder. The product can be bought as a one-off or on a recurring subscription model that sees it delivered to you automatically. Not to mention it also offers free samples for first-time buyers.



Rogue has won a number of awards for being the best energy drink alternative out there, and for good reason. Their product provides a good caffeine boost but mainly focuses on hydration as opposed to creating artificial energy within the drinker.

For that reason, it is easily one of the best energy drink alternatives. It provides the body with a lot of natural energy in the form of hydration, while still providing that caffeine fizz that gamers crave so often. Like Sneak, Rogue can be ordered as a one-off or as a recurring subscription.


Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer puts their priorities less on caffeine and more on getting a varied mixture of vitamins into the drinker. They market themselves as a drink that will help instill a greater sense of focus in the drinker, going so far as to encourage people to drink it at work as well.

The smaller caffeine content means you won’t be as hyped up as other energy drink alternatives, but you will feel a lot more alert than with some other brands. But for those who need just a mild pick-me-up, Ghost Gamer is definitely the way to go.

Like the others, there are a number of ways to order this product. Our recommendation is to order this one with another brand as well, to make sure you get a nice mix of energy for whatever situation you need it.



Should I Invest in a Cast Iron Skillet For my Kitchen?

The newest popular cooking trend is one-pot cooking. It makes cooking quicker and easier with straight forward but delicious recipes, many of the nicest pasta recipes on the internet are made in one-pot. It also makes everyone’s worst part of cooking- the cleaning, easier and less time consuming as there’s only 1 dish for you to wash up. So, with this in mind is it worth investing in a cast-iron skillet?


The Benefits

A cast-iron skillet actually has many benefits when it comes to cooking. One of its features is that it’s naturally nonstick so anyone who dislikes cooking their food with oil won’t have to with a cast-iron skillet. Cast iron skillets can be used both on a stovetop and in the oven, this is a unique feature only they possess making them a valuable kitchen utensil, just make sure you don’t use you cast iron skillet on a glass top stove as they can scratch up and ruin it. Some people say cast iron is harder to clean than stainless steel but this isn’t the case, just remember not to soak it in water as this will cause it to rust. The best thing about cast iron is it heats your food evenly, if you’re fed up with some of your food being burnt while some aren’t fully cooked then a cast iron skillet is a good investment for you.


What Cast Iron Skillet to Buy?

The average price of a good cast iron skillet is around $40. They can be bought in most shops that sell kitchen utensils including Walmart. Our favorite cast iron skillet brand is ‘Lodge’ produced in Tennessee and available to buy on Amazon.

These States are Imposing Stricter Health And Safety Regulations

The world of food has always been one that has required detailed and strong regulations surrounding health and safety. The equipment in kitchens is powerful and potentially dangerous. Not to mention the risks associated with bad food. Sickness, diseases, and physical injury.

And as our understanding of biology and food science improves, so too do our rules and regulations surrounding health and safety in the food sector. To this end, a few of the biggest states in the USA are changing their regulations, making them stricter. All of this is set to take effect from the start of 2021.


Handling Pests

The first new move is in relation to the pest control sector. It follows on from the new announcement that Pest Control is now an essential service with the USA. Due to this change, pest control firms like are able to operate on longer hours and with increased efficiency.

This change meant the regulations around the pest control schemes within the foodservice industry could change. Starting from 2021, all restaurants and foodservice establishments have to get regular anti-pest checks and fit specialized anti-pest security measures.

This change was lead by New York and backed up by Washington and Connecticut. These three states have seen a sharp increase in pest numbers due to climate change and increased population. But it is predicted that every state will follow on with this regulation change in due course.


COOSH Changes

COOSH is the certification all food service establishments must follow in terms of chemical storage and usage. Industrial cleaning chemicals are dangerous and need to be handled with extreme care for both the sake of those using it and the customers. It is only the owners of a restaurant that need to go and get their COOSH qualification, but it up to them to train their staff, install proper storage and signage, and provide adequate PPE.

Starting in 2021, some states are introducing a refresher course that must be taken every 6 months. It will be the responsibility of the owner to make sure they go to these courses. They also have to bring along two members of their staff along to make sure they are also well versed in the usage of the different chemicals.

As an addendum, every restaurant also has to undergo a COOSH inspection every two years. This inspection is separate from the random health and safety checks and is simply to make sure their COOSH storage and usage is up to scratch.

Medical Training

It is required that every restaurant has a member of staff on-site that is trained in First Aide. Which is fantastic. But a few states are looking to change it up. The idea is that all restaurants will need to make sure more than half their staff are trained in First Aide, and more than half of the staff on a particular shift also need to be trained in it.

To support this, a lot of states are putting more funding into various First Aide programs, improving the quality of the education provided and the qualification. This will mean restaurants do not need to go for a top-up as often, saving them money in the long run and improving the quality of the First Aide they can provide.


The USA takes safety very seriously, and these changes are just further proof of that. These regulations, while they can be annoying to deal with and tiresome, improve the safety for everyone. Both customers and staff alike.


7 Natural Ingredients that Work as Beauty Products

Whether you’re wanting to improve your beauty routine, or if you’re just looking for a natural remedy to help ward off any harsh chemicals from getting in contact with your skin, there are plenty of natural ingredients that work excellently as beauty products. There is any number of benefits to using natural ingredients for your beauty routine. There’s no reason that natural ingredients won’t be able to provide you with an equally luxurious experience. Whether you want to create your own simple DIY beauty products using natural ingredients or if you’re looking for some more natural alternatives to the beauty products you already use and love, there are plenty of options out there.

If you’re wanting to have a look at some excellent products that use either mainly or entirely natural products, why not check out goodvara’s cosmetics for a wide range of products for every aspect of your beauty needs at a great price range.


Coconut Oil

One many of us probably have heard of by now, but for good reason. Coconut oil is a great way to get smooth and silky hair for a low low price. Probably not advisable to use it on your face, however, as it has been linked to acne with its pore-blocking properties. It is an excellent beauty product to use on your body and hair for silky smooth, great smelling results.



Another great smelling natural ingredient for beauty products is honey. Honey is an excellently versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of face masks and hair and body treatments. When used in face masks it can help smoothen your skin and it even has a small antibacterial quality to it as well.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Perhaps a more surprising addition to this list, a surprisingly useful natural product to use as part of your beauty routine is apple cider vinegar if you don’t believe us, here are 6 beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar for you to try right off the bat. From face masks to hair treatments, there is pretty much nothing apple cider vinegar can’t do.


Tea Tree Oil

Most recognizable in the beauty world for its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is a great way to get rid of any pesky acne you may be suffering from. Just dab a small amount onto your bad spots to get clear skin in no time. It is often most commonly found in many facial skin care products for this reason.


Rose Water

Seen as more of a refined natural ingredient, rose water is actually a relatively affordable way to even out your skin tone and leave your face looking refreshed and rejuvenated. It can be used in a mask or simply as a mist sprayed directly onto your face. Either way, it smells great and will have you looking great in no time.



A great smelling ingredient, sandalwood can often be found in many body creams and lotions. Many people have invested in some sandalwood products as they know they’ll wind up smelling fantastic after using them. They offer up a bit of luxury to those who use the products as it has an undeniably refined smell.


Coffee Beans

Last but certainly not least, coffee beans, whilst also being a delicious way to start the day, are also actually a great natural addition to your beauty routine. They are incredibly versatile but are most commonly used in scrubs and face masks. Coffee beans not only smell great but also offer up a natural solution to calming your face or smoothing your skin depending on how you use them.