Belgrade Beer fest – Belgrade, Serbia – Thursday 20th August until Sunday  23rd August

The Belgrade Beer Fest is a great example of a fun event, set in the amazing Use Park, and in the summer months, this is definitely not one to miss. The event runs from 6 pm until 1 is on each day so there is plenty of time to experience this beer festival in all of its glory, ample a huge range of beer and food from all over the globe. This festival has been hosted annually for 18 years so you can be sure that you will have a great time because of how tried and tested it is.


The craft beer that is available at this unique event is unlike any you will have tasted before, with over 500 options to sample and purchase from local and worldwide businesses there is a beer for everyone, even those who wouldn’t normally drink it. The best thing about this festival is that because it is sponsored by such huge beer companies the festival is free to attend! With some of the largest music icons performing too, there isn’t much negative to be said about the Belgrade Beer Festival.


Belgian Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium – Friday the 4th September until Sunday 6th September


If you are a fan of Belgian beer then this is the festival for you, with over 400 unique Belgian beers on offer this festival won’t leave you thirsty. The Belgian Beer Weekend was hosted for the first time 20 years ago with loyal visitors attending year after year to sample amazing craft beers. Set in the picturesque location of Grand Place Brussels this festival is an extremely popular alternative to some of the most popular craft beer events in the world.


The great thing about this festival is that it also provides opportunities for a whole range of retailers to come and set up shop to sell their products. From jewelry to clothes retailers take advantage of the festival’s large following to boost their business customers. One of the most successful retailers to come out of this scheme would have to be a water filtration company, Vitamia who has had a very successful business journey thanks to the opportunity provided by the Belgian Beer Weekend. As well as being extremely helpful to up and coming businesses this beer festival is a great place for beer-lovers to interact with each other and sample some really tasty beers.


Great American Beer Festival – Denver CO US – Friday 16th October until Saturday 17th October


The Great American beer Festival is another great example of a beer festival you won’t want to miss. This amazing event hosts one of the largest gatherings of craft beer producers in the world, you can sample a variety of beers with some very interesting testing flavor combinations.


This event also holds a masterclass where participants can experiment with a wide range of ingredients that can be used to create your own personal craft beer. If that’s not enough ticket holders also have access to the main stage where talented artists perform and provide entertainment late into the night, the atmosphere at this festival is great, it’s full of like-minded beer fanatics looking for their new favorite craft beer. As this festival is hosted well into the October months you can really dip into your winter wardrobe and take in the fascinating location, compared to a summer event the vibe really differs and is instead much more picturesque.


Great British Beer Festival – London UK – Tuesday 3rd August until Saturday 7th August


Arguably the best beer festival in the world, the London Beer Festival has everything a craft beer fan needs. The event is hosted over four days so there is plenty of time to really take in the grand London location. With over five hundred craft beers to taste and learn about, businesses come from all over the world to share the best craft beer creations so you can be sure there’s something new to try. This British event shows off everything that is great about the country and its beer not only is it held in the historic city of London but it also offers things that couldn’t be found at any other event.


The atmosphere is amazing and there is a real sense of community amongst those who attend, especially because you get four whole days of fun. The festival isn’t without entertainment with a whole host of shows and music productions going on for you to enjoy. This summer event is not one to miss, provided the classic British weather doesn’t make an appearance you should be in for a really amazing night.


All of these events would be a great option, especially for those of you who have a passion for beer and just having an all-round great experience.


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