New year, new you – right? One element of your life that you may be wanting to change is your dietary health. This may be for a number of reasons, like weight loss, improvement of the skin, or general improvement of health. The way you eat can have a massive impact on how you feel and so shaking up your dietary habits will be crucial to improving your own lifestyle. This doesn’t mean completely changing your entire diet, instead, it means picking up little habits that will help you in the long run to be a healthier person. Here are 7 dietary habits you should pick up in 2020.


Drink more water

Introducing plenty of water to your diet can be extremely beneficial to your health. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 liters of water a day in order to remain healthy. Staying hydrated can help with the function of your vital organs, especially your brain. If you’re someone who commonly deals with migraines and headaches, then drinking more water can relieve these headaches. Drinking more water will not only benefit your internal health, but it can also help your physical appearance too. Drinking water helps prevent the aging of the skin, dehydration of the skin, and the general appearance of your skin. If you’re someone who doesn’t like drinking tap water or can’t afford to constantly purchase bottled water, there is the option to get several kinds of water filters. We recommend the Kangen water filter, but there are many on the market.


Cut out fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks can be more detrimental than you would think. They are packed with sugar and calories that are awful for you. The more fizzy drinks that you drink, the less water that you drink and so you are depriving your body of necessary hydration. You don’t need to cut sugary drinks out completely, but limit yourself to a couple a month as they are just full of empty calories that you simply don’t need.


Eat more fruit and veg

From a young age eating more fruit and veg is advocated in all aspects of life. Fruit and veg simply provide your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that it needs in order to function properly. To lead a healthy and active lifestyle your body needs to be powered properly,  and fruit and veg provide this power. The best thing about eating fruit and veg is that you can’t really eat too much of it, meaning that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. The right combination of fruit and veg can also be extremely filling, so it will help you lose a lot of weight in the long run.


Cut out junk food

Junk food can be absolutely detrimental to leading a healthy lifestyle. Though it may seem like a tasty treat at the time, junk food has absolutely no benefits to your health. Junk food is packed with thousands of empty calories and lacks any sort of nutrients for your body. Again, you do not need to completely cut out junk food but it would be best for your health to keep consumption to a minimum. Instead, find healthier alternatives for the junk food that you love more, for example, there are plenty of healthy crisp alternatives that use other root vegetables that aren’t potatoes.


Eat breakfast

People forget how important breakfast is for leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to skip breakfast and think nothing of it, but eating breakfast consistently is vital to living in a healthy way. Having a breakfast packed with valuable nutrients will give you all of the necessary energy to get through your day. Breakfast is essential as when you sleep you go a long time without providing your body with any of the nutrients that it needs to function. If you are someone that is prone to skipping breakfast, you may notice that you feel a bit sluggish until you finally get a meal, meaning that you don’t have the energy to complete your daily tasks.


Manage your portions

It may be tempting to eat big plates of food when you’re hungry, but that isn’t always the best move. If you make a big plate of food then you will be more inclined to eat a lot. Keeping your portions small means that you can control just how much food you will eat, it will also mean that you will get into the habit of eating smaller portions in the future.


Have small meals

Instead of 3 large meals a day, alternatively have several smaller meals. This will mean that you will continue to have energy throughout the day without being too full. This means that you have better control over what you eat and when you eat it.

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